Athens Medical Massage

Athens Medical Massage Safety Protocols

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Due to COVID-19, Athens Medical Massage is implementing strict protocols to protect our clients and our employees. Management and staff have worked diligently during the closure to update our already rigorous sanitation and hygiene standards, and to implement new policies and procedures to keep staff and clients safe.


1) Employees and clients will maintain at least 6' of distance at all times except during the massage treatment.


2) Both staff and clients must wear clean facial coverings. If you do not have a mask, we will provide one for you.  If a client declines to wear a mask we reserve the right to refuse them service.


3) Employees (daily) and clients (before the massage) will fill out a symptom assessment form and have a forehead temperature check. Both staff and clients will agree to cancel the appointment if they are feeling ill.


4) We require regular hand washing. Per Department of Health guidlines, clients must wash and sanitize hands upon arrival before entering the treatment room, ensuring that sanitizer is applied liberally and properly. Hands must be washed thoroughly, up to the elbows, using CDC guidelines for best practices. As always, employees will wash hands thoroughly between each client.


5) Therapists will give clients instruction on how to proceed with the session, including new direction on where to place clothing and the cleaning protocols utilized.


6) Therapists will wear a freshly washed apron, lab coat or change of clothing for each client.


7) Pump bottles of oils and lotions will be removed from the treatment rooms and replaced with single use containers.  Any remaining product will be discarded after each treatment.


8)  Before leaving the treatment room, therapists and cleaning staff will either remove gloves,  wash hands or apply a generous amount of hand sanitizer per CDC application guidelines and use a previously readied paper towel or disinfectant wipe to open and close the treatment room door while leaving the room.


9) Upon leaving the treatment room after a client, the therapist will immediately undergo handwashing protocol while the client dresses.  A new face covering will be changed between each client.


10)  Treatment rooms will be sanitized between clients including tables, chairs, door knobs and any surface liable to have been touched by the client or therapist during the massage.


17)  Athens Medical Massage will maintain accurate appointment and walk-in records including date and time of service, name of client, and contact information to assist in contract tracing.


12) At this time, Athens Medical Massage will not accept appointments for hot stone or couples massage.


13) Only clients will be allowed in the waiting area, unless client must be accompanied by a caregiver.  No walk-in appointments will be made at this time; all appointments must be made prior to your arrival at the office. Appointment times will be staggered to reduce likelihood of overlapping client timing in the waiting area.