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Ida Osborne, LMT

Athens Medical Massage has been owned and operated by Ida Rose Osborne for more than 20 years.  Ida became a licensed massage therapist in 1987, and was a member of the Hocking College Massage Therapy Program teaching staff for 20 years.  In addition to providing general (Swedish) massage, Ida holds a specialized certificate in Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) and she specializes in deep tissue work to help reduce pain and restore function in her clients.  Ida has also long been a practitioner of, and has extensive training in, Letha Yoga (partner-assisted stretching, with some similarities to Thai massage.)

Kelci Wanat, RN, LMT

As Ida's eldest daughter, Kelci grew up with massage therapy! She has held her Massage Therapist license since 2005, and has a parallel career as a registered nurse.  Kelci has additional Neuromuscular Therapy certification. Capable and grounded, she has an intuitive sense, bolstered by her training in anatomy and physiology, for choosing the most effective techniques for each client.

L. Nicole White, LMT

Nicole is an alumna of Ohio University & graduated with a 4.0 GPA from the Hocking College massage therapy program in 2009. Experienced in a wide variety of styles, she particularly enjoys using deep tissue massage to help clients find relief from long term aches & pains. In her off time, she loves camping and hiking. She lives in Athens with her husband, 3 cats and a dog.

Melissa Soller, LMT

Melissa, an Athens resident since 2006, earned a BS from Ohio University before graduating from the massage program at Hocking College in 2013.  She has always been drawn to the helping professions, and believes deeply in the power and benefits of therapeutic massage. Through communication and intuition, Melissa provides massage that is tailored to each client’s needs. She loves the challenges of helping clients achieve relief from chronic hip and low back pain through deep tissue and trigger point work, and enjoys introducing first-time clients to the myriad benefits of nurturing, therapeutic massage.

Rachel Batty, LMT

Rachel has been a licensed massage therapist since 2013. She has experience with a variety of bodywork methods including Swedish and deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, reflexology, and cupping. She tailors each session to appropriately address the needs of every client she sees.


Quinn Schmalenberg, LMT

As a dancer, Quinn became interested in anatomy and physiology early on and has found her massage therapy practice fulfilling on many levels. Quinn employs a fusion of western kinesiology and eastern mindfulness in her massage practice to address the needs of clients suffering from chronic pain as well as those experiencing the stresses of a demanding life. Since her graduation from the Hocking a College Massage Therapy program in 2015, she has gained additional insight into pain relief through employment with a chiropractor. She has found much success in the use of trigger point, deep tissue, and myofascial release techniques for relief of sciatica and shoulder problems, cranial sacral techniques for headaches and sinus issues, as well as general Swedish massage for relaxation.


Max Shultz, LMT

Max, a native of Athens, Ohio who graduated from the Hocking College Massage Therapy program in 2012, specializes in therapeutic massage to help enable his clients to live without pain. While working deeply is definitely one of his strengths, his ultimate goal is comfort and relaxation, so he usually combines deep tissue massage and trigger point work with gentle, relaxing Swedish massage. Max enjoys working with clients to resolve low back, hip and leg pain, among other issues. By adjusting each massage to the individual client, he provides a very specific massage for his client’s needs. On a personal level, Max has found that receiving massage therapy has both helped him recover from surgery in the past and is a useful adjunct to his Crossfit training regimen, and he enjoys providing similarly effective therapy for others.

Jennifer Vandeman, LMT

Jenny’s lifelong interest in alternative and complementary medicine led her to the study of therapeutic massage to aid those suffering from pain, anxiety, and sleeping disorders. After receiving her license to practice, her interests in alternative healing modalities continued to grow, inspiring her to explore more ways to assist her clients in improving their quality of life. She has seen great success through the application and combination of Swedish massage, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, and light stretching. Driven to continue her education and increase her skill set as a therapist, she has earned certifications through the well-respected Dr. Emil Vodder Method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage (MLD) is a slow, rhythmic massage treatment designed to increase the movement of lymphatic fluid through the body, assisting the delivery of vital nutrients while aiding the removal of metabolic waste. Jenny describes MLD as the “missing link” to many complex pain conditions as well as a comforting addition to any relaxation massage. She is eager to share its many benefits to present and future clients.

Aimee Futhey, LMT

Aimee is from Humboldt County, California.  Her interest in massage started at age 7, when she began giving friends and family members massages and it became apparent that she had a real gift for massage.  Aimee originally was interested in pursuing a career in nursing, but she realized that her true calling was more “hands-on.” Her previous study of anatomy and physiology was very useful as she entered the massage program at Hocking College, graduating with an Associate of Technical Studies degree, and became a licensed massage therapist.  Each client presents Aimee with different needs for the variety of modalities she uses.  These include “pin and stretch”, muscle energy technique, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, peripheral neuromuscular facilitation, passive and/or active range of motion, and static deep tissue work. When a client presents with a specific complaint, such as sciatic pain or shoulder limitation, she performs an assessment using a variety of musculoskeletal tests to ensure that each client receives the most appropriate therapy for the condition they are experiencing.

Katie Wendell, LMT

Katie’s goal as a massage therapist is to help others live without pain. To achieve this, she most often uses deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and stretching to relieve pain and tension. She finds that many of her clients’ main sources of tension (and origins of pain) are in the neck, back and hips, so these get extra attention.  Katie is a grounded realist, who loves the challenge of helping people find relief from chronic pain issues and experience relaxation in their stressful lives.