Athens Medical Massage

Kind words from some of our clients...

My experience with Athens Medical Massage has been nothing short of amazing.  I came to AMM as a last resort, after seeing over 15 different doctors for a muscular-skeletal problem that no one could seem to fix or diagnose.  At Athens Medical Massage, my therapist took the time to really listen and come up with a plan for me, and within 3 sessions I startied feeling great for the first time in years.  I can't recommend them enough.                 - Chris Pyle

I have been a client of Athens Medical Massage for several years, usually having a massage once a week as a medical necessity.  My experiences at Athens Medical Massage have always consisted of a comfortable atmosphere, pleasant and professional staff, immaculately clean rooms and massage tables, and always the highest of consideration given.  The staff at AMM has consistently kept my needs in mind.  I have tried other establishments, and none have been as clean, comfortable and considerate as Athens Medical Massage.  I have and continue to refer friends and family to Athens Medical Massage with confidence.                                                                                                      - Joy White

I have been a regular client at Athens Medical Massage for over 4 years.  The staff is friendly and helpful and the facilities are both spotless and inviting.  My massage therapist is outstanding on both the technical and therapeutic level.  She has been fully engaged in listening to my specific issues, responding with a massage regimen tailored to my particular problems and adjusting her emphasis in each of our sessions to address best those areas that most need attention in any given week.  Since I've started getting massages, I have body parts in motion that I never even knew could move at all.  I give my highest recommendation to Athens Medical Massage.                                                                -Laini Burstein

Running a busy restaurant is hard on my joints and muscles, but my therapist at Athens Medical Massage keeps me feeling good!  I'll never forget the way I felt after my first massage there, many years ago... I got in my car to back out of my parking space, and instead of looking in the mirrors to back out as I had become accustomed to doing, I swiveled my head to look behind me!  I felt like an owl...  I had range of motion in my neck that I hadn't had in years, and that was just the beginning.  Over the years, I've been helped tremendously by the therapists at AMM for various somatic issues, and I strongly recommend that you consider massage in general, and Athens Medical Massage in particular, for treatment of your aches and pains. Spotless treatment rooms, considerate and well-qualified staff, and appropriate therapy (which, for me, means intense deep tissue work) keep me coming back to AMM!            -Hilarie Burhans

Ida's massages have improved my quality of life by increasing my range of motion and reducing my level of pain for over a decade. I tried massage as a last resort and now it is my treatment of choice.                       -Polly Creech

I look forward to my appointments at AMM; they make my week!  I've been going there for many years and will for many more to come.                           -Cindy Klinger

I have been associated with AMM for over ten years.  During this time, I have had the pleasure of observing a well-trained group of caring, professional therapists.  The compassionate, knowledgable staff genuinely cares about the well-being of each client.  As a licensed massage therapist with more than 22 years of experience, I am pleased to recommend Athens Medical Massage without reservation.                                               -Penny L. Tope, LMT

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